About Kairos Pilgrimage

Our name is Kairos Pilgrimages. We chose the ancient Greek word Kairos, “the appointed time in the purpose of God, the time when God acts on us,” because it is strongly connected with the moment when we become receptive to an inner calling to embark on a journey.

Our Mission

ORP and Kairos, together with the entire Church,  are called to spread the “good word” of the Son of God.  The itineraries of the Spirit offer everyone the opportunity to live an experience, an internal journey that responds to the search in each of our hearts.

A pilgrimage, in its truest essence, is a metaphor of our existence, condensed in a few days. It is a journey to the heart of those searching for the glory of God that reveals itself in Jesus Christ and through the actions of His Church.

Our Goals

 “Go through man and you will find God.” said St. Augustine.

In this affirmation, the heart of every pilgrimage that embraces man in his totality is explained.

To evangelize through an experience means precisely this.  During a pilgrimage all five senses are stimulated—seeing places and faces, listening to sounds and noises, smelling odors and scents, tasting foods and flavors, treading the ground of the places visited.  In a pilgrimage, the suggestions that leave an imprint in your body and soul are united with the “beauty” of the faces you meet along the journey.

Simple destinations are not enough to reach God, but rather the faces of the communities  we come into contact with, the knowledge of their traditions and history, as well as how they carry out their daily live are essential.

Centrality of the Pilgrim

At the heart of the services that Kairos and ORP offer are the personal needs of all its pilgrims The wellbeing of the pilgrim is, in fact, the most important aspect of our work.

Committed to making the pilgrimage experience accessible to everyone, we accompany pilgrims on their journey and encounter with God, offering them dignity, security and decorum for their spiritual endeavor.

Kairos & ORP together

Kairos’ roots began in 2008 when ORP decided to support pilgrims from North America with its pastoral service. In order to resolve the issue of ORP’s geographical location (Rome) that would not permit them to personally reach people overseas, an organization was created in the United States to interact with and serve pilgrims here directly, offering the same services and assistance that ORP offers in Italy, with the same love and care.

Kairos represents Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi as their official distributor in United States and Canada for the promotion of pilgrimages and works cooperatively with ORP to assist pilgrims worldwide in their journeys, providing spiritual assistance and logistical support.

Kairos’ own projects

Kairos Pilgrimages has also started its own projects, sustaining responsible traveling and solidarity initiatives, encouraging interfaith connections by promoting missionary experiences and inter-cultural encounters in remote areas of Asia, Central America and Africa.

Serving is a mission that can only be done fully by being in direct contact with people. The internet is only a tool. It cannot be a substitute for the real feelings that are shared when we relate directly to one another. We welcome the opportunity to talk with and meet with you.

When you book your trip with Sustainable Travel – to any of our destinations – we will donate US$ 20 per person to the Reforestation project.

With this donation, you will help planting trees and alleviating extreme poverty and create positive impact and change at a large scale.