About Us

Our name is Kairos Pilgrimages. We chose the ancient Greek word Kairos, “the appointed time in the purpose of God, the time when God acts on us,” because it is strongly connected with the moment when we become receptive to an inner calling to embark on a journey.
A pilgrimage, in its truest essence, is a metaphor of our existence, condensed in a few days.

VISITING sacred places can connect travelers with a source of help through which they may be able to experience a taste of real joy. A pilgrimage can also give us the opportunity to perceive the world in a different way and to start a process of inner transformation.

OUR MISSION is to share with you our outer and inner travelling experience and to accompany on your journey to the east, as far and deep as you wish to go. We provide the ideal conditions for you to just be open to absorb what is taking place.
We include in our journeys meeting with special known and less known spiritual teachers of different traditions. We promote interfaith connections and sharing, charity and volunteering projects.

OPEN TO ALL. Whatever spiritual tradition you belong to, if you wish to join one of our pilgrimages or prepare one of your own. Wherever we go, we wish to act as peacemakers, to build and not to destroy, to unify and not to separate.
We are proud of our partnerships all over the world that is able to support the most interesting, uncommon and really highly guarded requests, whether you travel in groups as individuals or with a selected number of people.

Kairos Pilgrimages is a community of people interested in spiritual journeys and action with quality.We truly love our calling to connect people to sacred places and we take it very seriously.We choose to create an international team with the most experienced people in this field of operation.