App Iubitinera

Official app of the Jubilee Routes: stages, info, meditations.

Iubitinera is the official app of the 4 Routes of the Jubilee, a valuable support to enrich your pilgrimage to Rome for the Jubilee of Mercy.

Iubitinera is a free app that  you can  use also off-line. It accompanies you along the 4  Routes of the Jubilee of Mercy in Rome: it shows you the path and, near each stage,  warns you with a notification. It describes more than 60 points of interest, located along the Routes, providing a rich description of historical, artistic and spiritual content, sided  with images.

For each stage is available a description that connects the place to the history of the Church and to Saints , witnesses of Faith,  but also to the millenary history of Rome and its immense artistic heritage.

For each stage, Iubitinera  gives you also detailed and updated information about : opening hours of churches, timetable for  Holy  Masses, Eucharistic Adoration, liturgies like Vespers or Lauds, moments of prayer, information on availability of confessors in different languages,  phone numbers , e-mail addresses and websites.  At some stages, it suggests  a meditation inspired by  the Seven Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.

For each stage, it shows nearest stops of the Roma Cristiana Open Bus service  provided by Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi, whose path has been specifically meant to assist the stages of the 4 Jubilee Routes. Alternatively, you are shown the nearest stops of Rome's public transport (Bus or Metro).

Iubitinera will also provide information on the distance traveled, or  the one  you still have to go, before arriving at St. Peter's Basilica and going  through the Holy Door. It keeps track of the path you have made and gives you the opportunity to share it with your friends through the main social networks.  At the end of the Route,  Iubitinera also allows you to receive, if desired, the Testimonium, a document confirming the completion of the Route, followed by you.