Before and after your pilgrimage

Spiritual assistance at every stage of your journey

A good pilgrimage is composed of several elements. It is mainly driven by an initial calling to which we respond and offer our full availability and receptivity for inner guidance. This is when our journey really starts. From this point until we reach our destination there are other elements that play important roles including how to prepare ourselves before the actual departure. For this reason we provide you with our spiritual assistance at every stage of your journey.

Preparing your group spiritually and practically

We are happy to come and visit you, planning together a series of meetings (completely free) to prepare your group spiritually and practically for the journey. We will be delighted to cooperate with your priest. You may wish to gather after the pilgrimage as well, to verify what has been assimilated or what is still in the process of transformation in the inner world of each pilgrim.

A Journey of the Spirit

This is the main difference between leisure travelling and a journey of the spirit. A pilgrimage can offer, in addition to moment of relaxation and peace, inner strength and practical tools that can help us to deal with ordinary issues in life.

As we acquire faith and trust in God, we can see our chains and inner slavery, our conditionings and selfishness.

A pilgrimage can highlight how we really are and allow us to acknowledge we are in need of help in front of our Father; to reach the point to submit completely to His Will.