Spiritual Guides and Guides

Spiritual guides

Our main focus is to provide the right spiritual assistance to each group. These are mainly priests who are carefully trained by ORP. However each group is very welcome to sponsor its own leader. They will receive all our support so that they can dedicate their time and efforts giving spiritual direction to their group.

Guides on site

Regarding our guides on site, usually wherever we go we prefer to involve local guides and experts to support the local communities. As we consider the Holy Land a special kind of pilgrimage, we select and train our guides to transmit information based on the Catholic tradition and to provide pilgrims with the spiritual support intrinsically connected to this information. We view our guides as helping to enrich our faith, not merely fulfilling our intellectual interests with facts.

Our guides have strong Catholic backgrounds and a deep knowledge of the Bible, including places and events connected to the Holy Land, as well as a profound sense of care for our pilgrims.

 If you are a priest and are interested in becoming one of our spiritual guides and receiving ORP training, please contact us by email or phone.