Open to All

Our mission is open to all

Whatever spiritual tradition you belong to, if you wish to join one of our pilgrimages to the Holy Land, or to any biblical destination, or to experience our missionaries and interfaith itineraries, we will be very happy to assist you. You help us to create your itinerary, respecting your beliefs and background.

We hope to see Christian and Jewish travelers going on a pilgrimage together to better understand their common roots and share a journey to the Holy Land. Or we might travel to Armenia to learn more about our Armenian brothers and sisters in the first Christian country in the world. Wherever we go, we wish to act as peacemakers, to build and not to destroy, to unify and not to separate.

Our commitment to the pilgrim

The well being of every participant is our goal when creating our proposals, from the selection of services to the care dedicated to our guests during the pilgrimage.

We have always been committed to the mission of making the pilgrimage experience accessible to all who wish to participate. We wish to carry this mission also in the future, by offering our support in your search and in your encounter with God.