Our Community

Kairos: working as a community

When we act by being receptive to a higher will which is not our own, we can become an instrument of God and be surprised at the things that we can do with His help. Working with love and trust in Him and His guidance is the main commitment of this community gathered under the name of Kairos Pilgrimages. We like to share and respect each other strengths and listen to our different perspectives. In this way we build a dialogue, sometimes a silent pattern, focusing attentively on our mission: serving in whatever role we are called to play each moment.

John Richardson, President and CEO of Kairos Pilgrimages

John Richardson, Kairos president and co-founder, along with his colleagues William Lemiszki and Dwight Calhoun, with whom he has been running a successful company called Acorn Technology, have offered their generous help to support Kairos Pilgrimages’ ORP project in America, embracing enthusiastically the spiritual purpose and intention behind this mission.

Patrizia De Libero, Kairos Co-founder

Patrizia De Libero is one of the Kairos co-founders and the main link between ORP and Kairos. She worked with ORP in Rome before moving to the United States to better serve the ORP project in America.

Originally from Rome, Patrizia grew up with a strong Catholic background. She also lived several months in Syria, in Damascus, while her father was working at the Italian embassy. After graduating university in Rome she lived in Ireland and the United Kingdom, where she was involved in different activities and studies. She then accomplished a master’s degree in sales marketing and international business and moved back to Italy to work as a Sales Director.

For spiritual reasons, she travelled by herself extensively in Asia and in some countries in Africa and Central America. Inspired by these journeys she decide to engage a new life by serving the principles of responsible travelling and became a worldwide tour leader for Imaginative Traveler, a UK-based company, leading tours for them in Egypt and Jordan.

During personal pilgrimages to the Holy Land and Mount Sinai she felt a strong calling to connect people to sacred places. In 2007 back in Rome, she was asked to join Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi as a member of the Pastoral Center. In 2010 she started up the ORP project in America, joining her husband, an elementary school teacher, in the United States. She lives in Massachusetts, with her family that now includes her little daughter Chiara, helping people on their journeys of the spirit.

Our community

We are very fortunate to work with people with great qualities serving with love the purpose of this community, all  the collaborators who have been helping us to support this mission, and the ORP staff in Rome with whom we work in constant contact. We wish to include in this community our service providers, local guides and pastoral assistants, and all people who work with us in different stages.

When you book your trip with Sustainable Travel – to any of our destinations – we will donate US$ 20 per person to the Reforestation project.

With this donation, you will help planting trees and alleviating extreme poverty and create positive impact and change at a large scale.