Pastoral Assistants

In order to better support our pilgrims and spiritual guides, we provide each group with a Pastoral Assistant, usually a lay person with a strong Catholic background and extensive experience guiding pilgrimages and caring about people.

The role of the Pastoral Assistant is to help the group in any situation, checking in/out hotels, managing relationships with our local service providers, and resolving unexpected issues. While assisting pilgrims he or she may also cover a spiritual role in tune with the inner intention of the journey. In this way the accompanying priest or spiritual leader will be able to dedicate his full attention to the group without being involved in practical issues.

Becoming a Pastoral Assistant

Pastoral Assistants are trained by Kairos and ORP in our headquarters in the United States and/or in Rome. They follow a course and complete an exam after which they will be asked for a period of time to assist on pilgrimages, working together with senior pastoral assistants.

We are planning to organize courses for pastoral assistants who wish to volunteer to accompany our groups from Canada and the United States. If you are interested, please send us your resume and contact information to our email, reference: Pastoral Assistant Course.