Inspiration, sharing and study

This project intends to support schools and universities. Schools often organize cultural trips during their semester breaks or in the summer.
A pilgrimage is much more than that: it is food for the spirit, a moment of joy, a time for prayer, for being inspired, for healing, and for understanding.

At universities there are many ways to earn credits in religion, history, and art, especially in destinations such as Rome, the Holy Land, and Europe. Religious Studies departments, such Eastern Religions, Theology, and Biblical Studies  can integrate their academic teachings with direct experience

We also offer missionary itineraries (in Nepal, Mexico, Ethiopia, Ghana, the Holy Land, for example) with the view of meeting people with different backgrounds, religions and traditions, to embrace their humanity with full acceptance and respect. During our journeys we organize interfaith dialogues; we encourage peace events such the Marathon of Peace Jerusalem–Bethlehem; we meet together with Israelis, Palestinians, Muslims, Christians and Jews to learn to interact as human beings and not primarily with national or religious identity.

The pilgrimage can become a deep spiritual experience that students and teachers will never forget; it is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen their relationships and understanding. These itineraries are carefully designed with our staff according to each school’s and university’s needs and budget