Personalized high-ends journeys to sacred destinations, offering spiritual seekers a rare and exclusive experience of the world as it is, meetings with special spiritual teachers of different traditions. Visiting uncommon places and people all over the globe.

Welcome To Kairos Pilgrimages

Our name is Kairos Pilgrimages. We chose the ancient Greek word Kairos, “the appointed time in the purpose of God, the time when God acts on us,” because it is strongly connected with the moment when we become receptive to an inner calling to embark on a journey.
OUR MISSION is to share with you our outer and inner travelling experience and to accompany on your journey to the east, as far and deep as you wish to go. We provide the conditions for you We meet with known and less known spiritual teachers of different traditions, promote interfaith connections and sharing among human beings.
OPEN TO ALL. Whatever spiritual tradition you belong to, if you wish to join one of our pilgrimages or prepare one of your own. Wherever we go, we wish to act as peacemakers, to build and not to destroy, to unify and not to separate.

Kairos Pilgrimages & The Vatican Office of Pilgrimages (ORP).

Opera Romana Pellegrinaggi (ORP) is the Vatican’s pilgrimage organization.

For 80 years ORP has been organizing pilgrimages to the most important spiritual destinations in the world and has helped thousands of pilgrims deepen their faith.

Kairos Pilgrimages represents ORP in North America and was established specifically to support ORP pilgrims travelling from the United States and Canada to the most important Christian destinations in the world, including our interfaith and missionary itineraries. Read more about our destinations and our services.

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Why travel with us?

Spiritual Encounters

We like to add on our journeys meetings with spiritual teachers. Some of them very well known, some of the them less known, but not less special. We can discuss the options when we build your itinerary together.

For All

Our journeys are for all. We create specific itinerary in connection to a specific spiritual path even less know. From Judaism to Christianity (Catholics, Armenians, Orthodox, Coptic, Maronite), from Yoga to the paths of Buddhism, from the Fourth Way to Sufism and more.

Silence and Listening

We highlight moment of quiet and silence, to meditate, pray or simply observe. You will never feel rushed like in our life. Here we try something different. Something we can turn into practice.

Fun, Food, Hospitality

Our journeys are focusing on wellbeing, spiritual, psychological; and physical. That includes tasting the best food, the most comfortable accommodation according to budget, and most relaxing and enjoyable events.

Flexibility and Creativity

We trust the present moment. We respond to what is needed, improvising events, or offering extra rest OR something we did not plan. We are flexible to listen to the need that rises in the here and now.


Our trips are safe and will continue to be safe and protect our pilgrims even during difficult times like our current times.


We promote dialogue between religions and spiritual paths in general. The core of the teachings is the same. What changes are the cultural background, history and geographical location.


We work with the best guides you can imagine, sensitive to our spiritual goals and open to interact and engage with you. Passive listening does not create understanding.

"One of the best means for arousing the wish to work on yourself is to realize that you may die at any moment. But first you must learn how to keep it in mind"

G. I. Gurdjieff


In 2018 I decided to invite 12 friends for a trip to Armenia to explore ancient spiritual sites, have new impressions of food and culture and experience the adventure of a group trip. I turned to Patrizia De Libero and Kairos tours because of her reputation.
From the outset, Patrizia was a true partner: suggesting interesting itineraries, taking in the needs of everyone on the trip and managing all the small details that make the difference between a successful journey and one fraught with unnecessary difficulties. The trip was beautifully planned in every detail: the extraordinary places we visited, the interesting and thoughtful accommodations, the many spiritual and cultural sites she suggested, the delicious meals that opened us to other cultures, and the on-site guides who helped us as needed.

Jon Pepper

It gives me great pleasure to offer a whole-hearted review of my experience of a pilgrimage to Georgia and Armenia taken in October er 2019, that was organized and led by Ms. Patrizia De Libero through Kairos Pilgrimages.
Throughout the early planning, coordination, and travel I felt that every detail of the trip was thoroughly thought through planned and prepared. This included the complicated travel, airport transfers, and border crossing from Georgia to Armenia.

Dr. Ron Balamuth, New York City USA

Dear Patrizia,

I know that Gabriele is updating you each day. From our perspective, we could not have asked for more! The accommodations are first-class. Gabriele has been very kind, accompanying us beyond what we expected; he has been very concerned that we try new things. Our guide for the Vatican Museums, Anna Maria, was excellent as well; her presentation was at exactly the right level for our students. We feel very well taken care of! Thank you.

Professor at the Kings College University, London, Ontario

In 2018 I asked Patrizia De Libero and Kairos to organize an expedition for me and 12 friends. We wanted something different: unique impressions, extraordinary and unknown vistas, and the possibility to experience a relationship to ancient traditions. We embarked in the fall of 2019 on a 12 day journey through Georgia and Armenda. Superb! Patrizia more than exceeded my expectations and those of everyone on the trip. She had creative suggestions, provided fantastic places to visit, great food and special lodgings, and everything was extremely well organized. Everyone felt well cared for and touched by the the trip and how well Patrizia functioned as the tour organizer. It was a truly unforgettable experience of us all. I cannot recommend Patrizia and Kairos highly enough!

Charles, NYC, USA

I have travelled with Patrizia on two pilgrimages – to India and Egypt. Both trips were outstanding with many opportunities for spiritual growth. Patrizia has many contacts around the world and years of experience in leading both large and small groups on inspiring and life-changing tours. She has excellent organizational and communication skills and is able to respond to and adjust to changes if required.The itineraries are tailor made and include not only spiritual sites but also cultural visits including local community, cuisine, boat tours, music and arts and crafts. Special trips can also be organised, for example, a pre-dawn meditation in the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. The accommodations, transportation and guides are all first class.

Penelope, Mass, USA

We give back with every booking

WE BELIEVE IN TEAMWORK and we strive to involve local communities in helping us provide services, thus supporting residents of the countries we visit. We hold a new vision of the travel experience that can become a way of living, interacting with love, respecting different cultures and religions, sharing practices, food, and life together. We wish to avoid waste and damage to our planet in any possible way. We believe in reciprocal support and interdependence from one another. Every time you book one of our pilgrimage we offer $20 dollars to one of our favorites charity and life support projects around the globe.

Here To Serve

We are most delighted to offer our assistance to groups of all sizes and types. You are invited to contact us directly to discuss your ideas and specific itinerary.

WORKING WITH SPIRITUAL LEADERS. In addition to organizing our own journeys, we also wish to work with spiritual leaders who would help us to take care of the spiritual aspects of the pilgrimage. Please contact us if you wish to guide a pilgrimage. You set your guidelines for us; we plan the journey in detail for you until the itinerary matches your vision

WORKING WITH GROUPS. We are happy to support different budgets and to serve travelers of all ages, from spiritual groups to school/universities, from parish groups, professional societies, corporate groups to friends.

WORKING WITH UNIVERSITIES. Kairos is particularly interested in working with schools and universities for the extremely positive effect that this kind of experiences can have on students.

WORKING WITH SOLO TRAVELERS AND PARISHES. We support solo travelers as well as parishes with different denominations. Kairos works in cooperation with the Vatican office of Pilgrimages in Rome to create highly regarded journeys to the Middle East, Europe and the center of the Vatican, Rome.

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